Research papers

International Trade Openness and Monetary Policy: Evidence from Cross-Country Data

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review, Second Quarter 2019, Vol. 101, No. 2 [link]


COVID-19 and U.S. Reliance on Medical Equipment Imports (with Ana Maria Santacreu) May 2020 [link]


(In Spanish) El Impacto de COVID-19 en Ocupaciones e Industrias de Contacto Intensivo (with Ana Maria Santacreu and Matthew Famiglietti) July 2020 [slidesvideo]

Import dependence on essential medical goods during a pandemic (with Ana Maria Santacreu) June 2020 [VoxEU]

International Trade Policy During COVID-19 (with Ana Maria Santacreu) June 2020 [link]

Reopening the U.S. Economy an Industry at a Time (with Ana Maria Santacreu and Matthew Famiglietti) May 2020 [link]

Protectionism and Import Dependence on Essential Medical Equipment (with Ana Maria Santacreu) April 2020 [link]

How Much Does the U.S. Rely on Other Countries for Essential Medical Equipment? (with Ana Maria Santacreu and Matthew Famiglietti) April 2020 [link,VoxEU]

How the Impact of Social Distancing Ripples through the Economy (with Ana Maria Santacreu and Matthew Famiglietti) April 2020 [link]

Social Distancing and Contact-Intensive Occupations (with Ana Maria Santacreu and Matthew Famiglietti) March 2020 [link]

COVID-19’s Shock on Firms’ Liquidity and Bankruptcy: Evidence from the Great Recession (with Matthew Famiglietti) March 2020 [link]

International trade

Immigration and International Trade in U.S. Manufactured Goods (with Matthew Famiglietti) May 2020 [link]

International Trade and the Dynamics of Manufacturing Activity (with Matthew Famiglietti) November 2019 [link]

How Costly Is Raising Trade Barriers? July 2019 [link]

How Much Does the U.S. Trade with China, Canada, and Mexico? October 2018 [link]

How Many Workers Make Goods That Are Sold Overseas? August 2018 [link]

How Open To Trade Is the U.S. Economy? August 2018 [link]

How Could Higher Tariffs Affect American Manufacturers? July 2018 [link]

How Do Americans Feel About NAFTA? (with Jonas Crews) May 2018 [link]

Trade Liberalization and Economic Development (with Jonas Crews) April 2018 [link]

What Happens When Countries Increase Tariffs? (with Jonas Crews) April 2018 [link]

Trade Adjusts Gradually After Trade Liberalization (with Jonas Crews) February 2018 [link]



Finance and Development: Evidence from Firm-Level Data (with Matthew Famiglietti) September 2019 [link]

The Role of Credit in the Exit of Firms Across U.S. Industries During the Great Recession (with Matthew Famiglietti) May 2019 [link]

Becoming Delinquent and Going out of Business (with Matthew Famiglietti) April 2019 [link]


Female-Led Firms: Trends and Differences Relative to Male-Led Firms (with Matthew Famiglietti) February 2019 [link]

Why Are Business Cycles in Emerging Economies More Volatile? June 2018 [link]