Ph.D. in Economics, New York University, 2013

Research interests: International trade, international finance, macroeconomics


Working papers

Financial Development and International Trade
Accepted at the Journal of Political Economy
Latest version: February 2021 [paper]


International Trade of Essential Goods During a Pandemic

with Ana Maria Santacreu

Latest version: December 2020 [slides], updated paper coming soon

Previous versions: May 2020 [paper], July 2020 [video],


No Credit, No Gain: Trade Liberalization Dynamics, Production Inputs, and Financial Development

with David Kohn and Michal Szkup

R&R at International Economic Review

Latest version: December 2020 [paper]

The Impact of Health and Economic Policies on the Spread of COVID-19 and Economic Activity

with Matthew Famiglietti
Latest version: April 2021 [paper]


Immigrant Misallocation

with Serdar Birinci and Kurt See

Latest version: April 2021 [paper]

International Trade Fluctuations and Monetary Policy
with Ana Maria Santacreu
Latest version: September 2015 [paper]


Trade in Commodities and Business Cycle Volatility
with David Kohn and Håkon Tretvoll
Forthcoming at the American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics 

[paper, online appendix]

Financial Frictions and Export Dynamics in Large Devaluations
with David Kohn and Michal Szkup

Journal of International Economics, Volume 122, January 2020, 103257 

[paperonline appendix]

International Trade and Intertemporal Substitution

with Michael Waugh

Journal of International Economics, Volume 117, March 2019

[paper, online appendix]

Financial Frictions and New Exporter Dynamics

with David Kohn and Michal Szkup

International Economic Review, 57(2), May 2016

[paper, online appendix]

Quality of Life, Firm Productivity, and the Value of Amenities across Canadian Cities
with David Albouy and Casey Warman
Canadian Journal of Economics, 46(2), May 2013


Work in progress

Firm-level Credit Ratings and Default in the Great Recession: Theory and Evidence

with David Wiczer

Financial Frictions and International Trade

with David Kohn and Michal Szkup

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review

Global Value Chains and U.S. Economic Activity During COVID-19, forthcoming
with Ana Maria Santacreu and Jesse LaBelle [paper]

International Trade Openness and Monetary Policy: Evidence from Cross-Country Data
Second Quarter 2019, Vol. 101, No. 2 [link]