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Ph.D. in Economics, New York University, 2013

Research interests: International trade and macroeconomics


Google Scholar [link], Twitter [@LeiboviciF]

Working papers


International Economics

Trade Risk and Food Security

with Tasso Adamopoulos
Latest version: February 
2024 [paper]

Navigating the Waves of Global Shipping: Drivers and Aggregate Implications

with Jason Dunn
Latest version:
April 2024 [paper]

Shortages of Critical Goods in a Global Economy: Optimal Trade and Industrial Policy

with Ana Maria Santacreu
R&R at JPE Macro

Latest version: December 2023 [paper]

International Trade Fluctuations and Monetary Policy

with Ana Maria Santacreu

Latest version: September 2015 [paper]


The Allocation of Immigrant Talent: Macroeconomic Implications for the U.S. and Across Countries

with Serdar Birinci and Kurt See

Latest version: January 2024 [paper]

Artificial Intelligence and Inflation Forecasts

with Miguel Faria-e-Castro
Latest version: January 2024 [paper]

Firm Exit and Liquidity: Evidence from the Great Recession

with David Wiczer
Latest version: May 2023 [paper]

Work in progress

Risky Global Supply Chains

with Tasso Adamopoulos

International Trade Openness and the Cost of Sudden Stops

with David Kohn and Michal Szkup

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